MIRKA Products for Bowling Ball Surface Preparation

This patented electric sander has specially been developed for sanding spherical surfaces such as bowling balls and helmets. Thanks to the round backing pad, which is designed according to the bowling ball diameter, the ball retains its round shape after restoration. This new state-of-art sander for spherical surfaces has also an outstanding quality compared to existing systems. There are less abrasive grits needed to complete the sanding process. Sanding with random orbital system gives a finer scratch pattern compared to orbital sanding. The sanding process is also much faster and the dulling of the surface is efficient. The DEROS machine has an adjustable sanding speed of 4000 -7500 rpm.


Mirka® DEROS SP 550 CV (European version) is available from the beginning of year 2014 (limited availability). The US version will be launched during 2014.

Mirka® DEROS SP 550 CV Technical specs:

Weight: 1 kg
Noise level: 71dB
Pad (Mirka code): 8292504011
Power input: 350 W
Pad size: 125 mm
Speed: 4000-7500 rpm
Voltage main supply: 240 VAC
Orbit: 5 mm